I’m going to catch ghosts with my elder martial brother

Title:I’m going to catch ghosts with my elder martial brother


Description:In the dark of the moon and the wind, Liang Yifu, a poor mouth warlock, accidentally rescued a young man who had lost his soul on his way home after catching the ghost. His master Qin Shouxin was working in the prefecture at this time. In the prefecture, he mistook the young man’s ghost for a “new dead ghost”, so he kindly took him to the banbuduo office to get the ghost heartThe young man revived strangely with a “ghost heart”. After he survived, he suffered from severe amnesia. He became a nameless and helpless “Siwu” young man. In order to make up for his fault, Qin Shouxin accepted this young man as an apprentice and passed on his “Sunwu Daofa.”From then on, in order to find a way to cure the “ghost heart” in the body, the young man with amnesia started a wonderful journey to catch ghosts with his elder martial brother Liang Yifu. And I am

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