I’m going to be a governor today

Title:I’m going to be a governor today

Author:Rampant bulldozer

Description:Welcome to the world of mothership. Xuefeng: “Tidu!” Tidu: “ah.” Xuefeng: “where are the resources sent by headquarters?” Tidu: “in the warehouse.” Xuefeng: “I can’t find it.” Tidu: no Sing together: “that’s all our quota for this month.” Governor”Xi Li!” Xi Li: “POI?” Tidu: have you seen Chicheng Xi Li: “just poi.” Tidu: where on earth did she die Xi Li: “go to the canteen, POI.” Tidu: is there anything in her hand Xi Li: “resources POI”。” Sing together: “if you don’t stop this month, you’ll have to drink from the north and west again.” Please sing it out loud in the tune of auspicious three treasures

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