I’m an alien

Title:I’m an alien

Author:Master Xiguan 007

Description:Eight thousand years ago, there was a war to destroy the sky and the earth on the distant planet amu. Amu was destroyed and a few survivors moved to Kano. A thousand years later, during the civil war in Kano, two groups of aliens escorted the sun star keys to the earth to escape, but then they were slaughtered. Two groups of aliens had no choice but to go aroundIn exile. In the twinkling of an eye, eight thousand years have passed. The aliens living on Kano are living in hotter and hotter places, and the whole group is in danger of extinction. At this time, the Kano people cultivated a combination of half alien and half earth people on the earth. This is the hero. 20 years after the hero was born,Unable to bear the extinction of the Kano people, they agreed to look for the three lost keys to the eye of the sun on earth. Looking for the key, all the way strange things out of poverty, male

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