If the world turns white

Title:If the world turns white

Author:Girl Lin

Description:”You often tell me that immortals and demons are doomed to be unable to stay together, OK! So tell me, what’s the difference between the two? Identity? Or do you think the immortal is conceited? ” “If you don’t let me kill you, I’ll depend on you; if you let me put down my hatred, I’ll depend on you too; but if you let me make you live and fly together, I’m sorry!” “Heart, do you know? I really envy the couple. Although they have only a short life span of several decades, they can have what I beg for the most, get one person and stay together. ” “Yuyouhan, how can I, ye Lingxue, treat you like this in my life. If there is an afterlife, I will live up to you。”

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