I have an appointment with the body

Title:I have an appointment with the body

Author:Light blue foam

Description:In order to occupy my inheritance, my aunt took me to a haunted house. It’s a terrible wedding! The red quilt in the wedding is dyed red with blood, the bride is me, the groom is a head! Who can bear to be around a corpse at night? No, even if the head is very handsome,Even if he’s rich, I’ll scream in horror. But my aunt’s ingenuity and classmates’ ridicule made me choose to stay beside him. Let’s make three rules. Ren qiancang said, “businessman, you have to abide by three rules when you live with me.” But these contracts were integrated into the body hidden in the well of Ren familyThe conspiracy of the government. One day, Ren qiancang and I used one hair to catch a thousand year old female corpse in the well.

Author: miven

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