I have a base at the end of the day

Title:I have a base at the end of the day

Author:Han Fengshui

Description:A man who has lived in the abandoned city for three years after the end of the day is brought back to the front of the end by a key that can call out the end base. Since then, ye Bing’s “willful” base construction plan has officially started! What, you say the base can’t be built in the abandoned city, it’s too dangerous? I’ll tell you, I’m not only going to build it, I’m going to build itIn the middle of the zombies! As long as the appearance of a hidden function to open, zombies are standing at the gate of the base can not be found! Isn’t it better than watching horror movies to watch a group of zombies in close quarters while eating roast chicken and drinking wine? Compared to saving the earth and mankindDevelopment base is my interest! Killing zombies is just for greening the environment, and saving a few groups of refugees is just a matter of hand, but you wishful thinking call me

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