I fell in love with vampires

Title:I fell in love with vampires

Author:The temptation of del nicotine

Description:The neurotic girl is the heroine in our book. She is 19 years old. She is a man of woman’s height. She has a round face, round eyes and round balls. She looks cute and cute, just like a bun. She is a freshman in cardio cerebral surgery department of a university. Like all girls, Lan Yu is rightMy college life is also very yearning, also hope to talk about a vigorous love, if the count is better, hahaha! Chu Xiaohan, the hero of the story, is a mysterious man with countless secrets. He comes back from abroad. He is of mixed blood, with dark brown hair and angular faceThe dark green eyes are like a clear lake, mysterious and beautiful. He’s like a mystery, no one knows his life, but until

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