I am a Yin Yang person

Title:I am a Yin Yang person


Description:My mother said that when I was born, one of her reactions was to strangle me, because I couldn’t tell male from female. Grandma scolded me as a freak and a loser, which only humiliated my family. My grandmother, who came all the way from the countryside to visit my mother, adopted me at that time. So I got an innocent childhood by accident.Following my banxianer grandmother, I found that I was different from ordinary people Grandma said that I was destined to walk Yin and Yang in my life, just like my body, half Yin and half Yang. The male rabbit’s feet flutter, the female rabbit’s eyes are blurred, and the two rabbits walk close to each other. Can Ann tell if I am male or female? I’m a Yin Yang person. I’ll show you the difference between yin and Yang

Author: miven

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