Hutou mountain

Title:Hutou mountain

Author:Beyond the stars

Description:The introduction should be divided into two parts, the first and the second. The original name, which started in 1900 and has been written up to the 1970s, reflects the changes of Hutoushan village. For this book,: / /. Longtengx. Is very confident that the target is a masterpiece. Upper part: there are 50 chapters in total, 4 of which have passedTen thousand words. First, it describes the transformation of Hutou mountain from no man to man, from hunting to farming; second, it describes the tragedy of the 18th year of the Republic of China; third, it describes the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the ecstasy of the whole group when new China was founded. The lower part: first, it describes the heroic feelings of the Chinese people in the 1960s and their mission of “defending against being beaten”; second, it attempts to write about the cultural revolution; third, it wants to write about itreform and opening-up. The story takes Fu Tan and other family names as the main line, including nearly 100 characters, including scholars, peasants, industry and commerce, bandits, chivalrous robbers, anti Qing leaders, Kuomintang, Communist Party and so on. It’s in generations

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