Husband from the underworld

Title:Husband from the underworld

Author:October 12

Description:As the saying goes, it’s better to burn the wrong incense than to worship the wrong temple, but I made a taboo and entered a ghost temple to seek marriage! Inadvertently, he got into trouble with a powerful but picturesque ghost, pestering me The ghost keeper who manipulated the imp came down from the sky and wanted my life to refine the corpse. The dormant monster was stupid and wanted to try. He wanted to eat meMy heart cultivates immortals! Strange things began to emerge in endlessly! I just want to cry But he appeared every time danger approached. His voice was as clear as a chime, but it was as clear as a stone: “who dares to touch the buckwheat, I will be the road of ten thousand ghosts, and a thousand demons will come down together, and turn the world into Purgatory!”

Author: miven

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