Hunting day 1931

Title:Hunting day 1931

Author:Crazy way

Description:Wu Yu, a silly bird with moral shackles, is absolutely an honest and unfortunate child in people’s eyes. Inadvertently involved in a retaliatory hijacking case, was wanted in a muddle. In the process of escape, Wu Yu’s outlook on life was completely disturbed by the facts in front of him. After a series of accidents, full of grievances in exchange for lifeThe blessing of fortune. Back in the civil war period of the 1930s, with good friends, auctions, fund-raising and fleet formation, China had an insurmountable Great Wall of steel on the sea. After the 1980s, they racked their brains to recount the history of saving the nation during the Anti Japanese war. The honest people were filled with righteous indignation and denounced the shameless careerists. Watching the world with drunken eyes, sighing life, reincarnation in dreams, playing princes! laughWords, tears! Please don’t seat yourself in the right place. Lieri 1931 beacon lights open, welcome to join the discussion! Group number: 55535284 dear readers

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