Human beings mistakenly love vampires

Title:Human beings mistakenly love vampires

Author:Wuxi trace

Description:Long golden hair, flamboyant eyes, my name is brulu. I was born a vampire, my father was a vampire, my mother was a vampire, never changed, just too lonely, let him accompany me, fall with me…. My Chinese name is Han Yu. I’m a human being, but I’m forcedreform… I fell in love at first sight and never changed. I’ve never hated her, even because she’s a vampire. I give up because of love. You hate me so much, do you have to leave and kill me? Brulu, if I can start over, I will still love you, but you vampires have lost, nowIn, I… Oh, ha ha ha, you vampires, dear, don’t forget, you too, just as dirty as us, stabbing into the heart, this is the weakest place for vampires

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