Huangquan Shisanling

Title:Huangquan Shisanling

Author:Afternoon leisure

Description:How many unknown stories does this mysterious profession carry? What was the change more than 1000 years ago? Why does the ghost guide disappear every once in a while? Why did Mr. Zhou pass on his career to Zhou Yuefeng in the end? What’s hidden in the thirteen TombsYour secret? Who is the Immortal Emperor? A great seal of soul and a guard of spirit beast, both of which are born together, will never die. A mission is to lead the spirit from the nether world, pass it on from generation to generation, and double it. Let Zhou Yuefeng lead us into this unknown and mysterious profession, to uncover the thousand years of sleeping undergroundIt’s a mystery. Readers of the thirteen spirits of the yellow spring are 341276254. Readers are welcome to discuss the plot.

Author: miven

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