Holy Spirit tattoo

Title:Holy Spirit tattoo

Author:Shackles of the wind

Description:Holy Spirit continent, Holy Spirit heaven, sit and watch the changes of the world of mortals, live and die for zero years! Led by the mysterious meteorite, he crossed the vast world and was born into the Holy Spirit continent. “You’re a demon in your family. You’re named Snow!” “Climb in April, stand in May, and recite poems at the age of one year!” “If you fight at the age of three, you can fight at the age of fourLie down “Five years old is as strong as a tiger, six years old can lead the Holy Spirit!” “When you are seven years old, you can understand the past and the present. When you are eight, you can be called an old man.” “He who was the Holy Spirit at the age of nine became a saint at the age of ten.” “It’s 15 now. It turned out to be a waste man!” At the beginning of the spirit, the Holy Spirit, the saint, the Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit will, the Holy Spirit teacher, the Holy Spirit rob

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