Hold the sword to seal the devil

Title:Hold the sword to seal the devil

Author:Demon V 11 uncle

Description:Introduction to the work (JU) — the story of this book is pure fictional content, bloody, violent and cruel, which is against human morality, do not follow suit, minors and immature mind do not look at it, thank you. A drop of blood vessels inherited; (sword) – —— blood vessels left by the ancient era,Set off the storm of the universe war, a bottle of strengthening gene; (seal) —- genetic transformation, brewing the world shaking secret of the third generation, blood clan, werewolf….. Many races of the orcs suddenly appeared a dragon ring; (demon) —- imprisoned the ancient dragonThe ring of the nation’s soul will be the key to uncover many secrets. Waste wood puppets will create the dark legion, kill gods and demons, fight in the world, and then write the legend of creation

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