Author:The cat trapped in the stable

Description:Zhang Jingyou, who was involved in an unknown incident in Nanjing, lost his memory of the last three months and woke up from the ward in Shaoxing. According to the only clues he had, he found that he might have an inseparable relationship with his partner Jiangnan. After knowing Jiangnan’s fiancee, he went back to Nanjing, but got married from his brother Zhang JiayouAfter learning that his younger brother Zhang Chengyou helped him to take a case, he went missing. He got a notebook from his Nanjing friend Xia Zhi to record his investigation in the past three months, but found it dilapidated. In order to find Zhang Chengyou, he went to Bai’s private island with Bai Yiwen, who is very similar to Xiao QiInvestigate the cause of death of Bai Yiwen’s grandfather Bai Nanyu

Author: miven

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