Heteromorphic reincarnation

Title:Heteromorphic reincarnation

Author:The great snake

Description:The repulsion of evolution fluid leads to Ling Han, a gifted young man, not to be an engineer. A garbage star Taobao, Ling Han and old Mike from the abandoned underground base, now the precious cultivation liquid. Then the federal mirage knight, after forcibly collecting the cultivation liquid, attacked the two men. In the fierce exchange of fire, Lao Mai was killedKe died for covering Ling Han. Ling Han is also driving an old-fashioned mecha. After killing several phantom knights, he is finally exhausted and pierced in the heart by the leader of the phantom Knight brigade. Ling Han, who came back to life from the death of cultivation liquid, returned to his childhood and possessed the mysterious power of alien reincarnation Alien reincarnationLet’s see how Ling Han dominates the starry sky and dominates the ancestors! PS: completed million word complete book “magic city comes”, Zongheng book number 3823, buy out works, reputation guarantee

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