Heavens Judgement

Title:Heavens Judgement

Author:Fairy tale dwarfs

Description:In 2998, the pace of time has entered the end of the thirtieth century. Before mankind entered the era of interstellar navigation, due to the lack of resources and the demand of the United human front, the fourth World War broke out. Mingzhiyuan, a 15-year-old patriotic youth, was born in a military family. His parents successively sacrificed their lives for the country, while mingzhiyuan, a 15-year-old patriot, was born in a military familyHe has inherited his parents’ military talent at a young age. He has outstanding talent. He is better than blue in his youth. At the same time, he is also a young man with amazing talent in martial arts! After experiencing the baptism of war, he woke up quietly. For peace, for his lovely and innocent sister, and for infatuation with him, he was also interested in peaceThe same desire for lovers, he resolutely embarked on a different road

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