Heaven is holy

Title:Heaven is holy

Author:Disillusionment of the gods

Description:In this age of rising together, after the king of stars and moon, the king of illusions, the king of the sun, the God of heaven and the God of illusions, the divine body of flashing wings, Tianqiong Weishi, finally appeared. After many hardships, he finally killed back to the family of Tianqiong. After revenge, he rushed to the legendary holy land of time and space. In the land of illusory heaven, people called him ShantianThe sage of wings – the sage of the sky. Rank: Samurai, general, king, emperor, emperor, saint, God, emperor, emperor, emperor, emperor, saint. (before wusheng, it is divided into low, medium and high levels, and after wusheng, it is divided into nine grades.)

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