Heaven and earth seek eternal life

Title:Heaven and earth seek eternal life

Author:Strong tea with light wine

Description:My name is Lin Kong. I’m 30 years old. In the real world, I am a standard good man with all kinds of virtues. Magic world I am the Lord of a city, the city is booming, I am using public funds. Zombie world I’m a Taoist who subdues demons and subdues demons. Everyone worships incense continuously. Refining corpses and raising ghosts should be carried out quietly. Lord of the ringsI’m the hero of the world to resist the Lord of God. I’m respected by tens of thousands of people. I’ll accept the ring impolitely. I’m a brave man who faces the dragon. I’m mighty. Whoever grabs Longyuan from me is in a hurry! Try to plan everything that can be planned, those plansIf you can’t row, I’ll take it! Go all over the heaven and the world, looking for the door of eternal life. In fact, I’m just afraid of death… Friends 1873968

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