Hearthstone game world

Title:Hearthstone game world

Author:Xu San has no son

Description:Wang Xiaoqi, a college student, encountered an accident on the way to participate in the legend of hearthstone gold league. He accidentally picked up the mysterious card book and opened the hearthstone system! With the help of the mysterious game system, the biological followers summon as they please. Just when Wang Xiaoqi thought that he would become tall and handsome after being attacked by a loser, a mysterious system hint scared him out of his witsBody! Is the clearance copy or erased by the system? Wang Xiaoqi’s eyes are as big as an egg: what’s the meaning of erasure? The network game which is popular all over the country has become a terrible death game! Can Wang Xiaoqi survive this cruel killing game? How can he uncover the truth behind this? ResistanceStop all this?

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