Heart to the sky

Title:Heart to the sky

Author:Dry hands

Description:Sigh the past, one by one can be hurt, Kuang Wang extremely. Does the end of a thing mean the end or the beginning again? Fate has given you a special arrangement, so that you can cross the valley of tree shadows such as prison, trudge too deep and far, stand in the abyss and see the unspeakable light in the sky. However, some of them are gone,It means never coming back. That person became the last dream of uninhibited life. As the water moves forward, the petals fall off automatically, the silk thread on the clothes fades and breaks, and the veins on the back of the hands bulge and wind through the mountains. Impermanence rises and goes out one by one. It is clear and obscure, and it does not change its original intention. Perhaps, love is accompanied by sacrifice. PutAttachment and not give up, like holding the seeds, gently in the wind it

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