Haunted by ghost marriage

Title:Haunted by ghost marriage

Author:Cherry boy

Description:I was taken out of my mother’s coffin by my grandmother. My grandmother said that I am a pure Yin person in Yin life, so I am suitable for the work of sending Yin people! One day, I opened my manager who touched my ass. when I was dismissed, I was walking alone and met a beautiful man who looked like a demon. Since then, I have been entangled by this demon. I got married to a demon. He turned out to be the king of the ghost world. I thought it would be a sad thing, but I didn’t expect that this man was my external artifact! You don’t have to worry about catching ghosts, but you can also help sadistic man and doubailian. He said, whoever dares to block my heart, he will hurt him! I’m intoxicated with his warmthRouzhong, but when my life experience was revealed, I found that the so-called ghost marriage was actually a deal between him and others

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