Half life river lake liquid

Title:Half life river lake liquid

Author:First show

Description:The affairs of the river and the lake, why dip in the wine turbid tea? Outside the building, the moon is clear and the iron clothes are cold. A pot of turbid wine, a cup of tea, is for the world. One river, one lake and three cities are for the world. A leaf in spring and autumn, a gourd in the river, wine and tea, is the world today. When the smoke of gunpowder died out, the state of Li was established and the river was builtThe lake rises in all directions. Heroes hang swords, heroes carry swords. Youth Qingshan 16 years, hang Hu feather fan into that year. What is the meaning of Li Huang’s post? Disturbing the world and building up the country? Or the continuation of the secret?

Author: miven

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