GUI Tong

Title:GUI Tong

Author:No heart, no soul

Description:In fact, ghost communication refers to people who can communicate with ghosts. They are mainly responsible for persuading those unjust ghosts who stay in the world and refuse to leave to put down their hatred and enter the reincarnation of the ghost world early. Therefore, everyone who becomes a ghost communication has to stand the test. If they pass the test, they will be granted Zen by the Bodhisattva, the king of Tibet. I used to be a criminal police officer of the criminal police team. I went to another oneI met a mysterious old man at the scene of the bloody crime. From then on, I became a ghost, and began a different way of persuading the ghost to learn from the ghost. Is this easy for me! If you can’t fight, it’s even more impossible to kill. Those guys who stand and talk without backache have to be advised by me! LiCan ghosts be so easy to persuade? QQ communication group: 436490541 the knock on brick is the title of the book

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