Great God cultivation plan

Title:Great God cultivation plan

Author:Long rain and fog

Description:There is a halo of game on her brother’s head: / / / longtengx. Su Qing’s peaceful game life was stirred up by some guys who wanted to dig roles. No matter where she went, she was restless. Today, the head of a regiment will take her to practice. Tomorrow, the president of a guild will take the initiativeTake her to the new map to do the task. The day after tomorrow, a man who thinks he is outstanding comes to chat up to help her upgrade her equipment. The day after tomorrow, a guy with unknown origin wants to kill her until she lets her brother transfer. I don’t know how many times on the way to the corpse, Su Qing thought bitterly in her heart, you guys, can’t you talk to the right Lord directly? Meet my sisterThe younger sister was bullied, and the elder brother immediately turned cold

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