Good night, Dorothy

Title:Good night, Dorothy

Author:Tea made by master

Description:Meet together, but doomed to the final separation, who can control their own destiny, escape from their own destiny, no one can, so writing this book is a mark of my own, leaving future generations a different world opened the window, I’m not a scientist, I’m not a very hard-working person, I justA person who likes fantasy and everything in front of him, because one setback after another, I didn’t hinder the direction of the road. It’s just that people have the desire to share their feelings with others. It doesn’t matter whether my novel can be accepted by most people. In this day of natural and man-made disasters, I will do what I want to do,What I often think about is whether I will exist in another form after my death. The soul, which can’t touch the essence but actually exists, I write an autobiographical style

Author: miven

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