God subdues the devil

Title:God subdues the devil

Author:God loves Beibei

Description:Beibei, the world’s ghost catching master, saved countless people, but lost his power in World War I and became a demon. He had no entity, so he had to borrow Han Qixi’s body to complete the task and fell into the ancient whirlpool. After the restoration of the original, but to experience the test of love. She and her companions were disturbed by demons many times,However, he won and accomplished the task of / /. Longtengx. Volume 1, Volume 2 (ancient times) and volume 3 (ancient times) main characters: Xiaobei (ghost catcher, entering the ancient name of shenzixi, Princess), Fengming (former crown prince of the old country, dead and resurrected, becoming a poplar tree demon, hiding his identity with the name of Dayang)Feng Huan, Han Qixi, Li Yuan, Cheng Yaojin, Li Shimin

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