God level villain

Title:God level villain

Author:Wild mountain black pig

Description:Flying snow shooting white deer, comic book hero relying on Biyuan, looking for the legend of Qin and Tang Dynasties, Water Margin journey to the west of the Three Kingdoms, Harry’s ring, pirate ship, Raytheon steel and reconnection, hero beauty competition enchanting, but the villain arrived! Du Yu is wearing it. He has the attribute of God level villain [wolf Gu fan]! All kinds of God pit father: 1. Must join the villainPower, boss death. 2. It’s necessary to cheat and kidnap the female owner, but it can’t be wiped out. 3. Three villain missions must be completed, or they will be wiped out. All kinds of God welfare: villain exchange system: villain value can be exchanged for leading role skills, can be exchanged for heroine! More bad things, faster skills.

Author: miven

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