Go with virus

Title:Go with virus

Author:Bathing in the sun

Description:Xiang Yuan suddenly detected a rare virus in his body. This virus has never appeared in all the records of the earth. All experts determined that he had only a few months of life. When the bloody meteor shower came to the earth, the virus in his body actually swallowed the virus on the meteorite, and evolved with himselfIt’s integrated. Most of the creatures on the earth are infected by the virus on the meteorite, and biochemical movies are performed in reality. When Xiang Yuan, who is symbiotic with the virus, knows that he can control other viruses, he unconsciously finds that he has a group of infected and mutated girls and non-human members around him. eachTwo chapters are updated for tianbaodi, one chapter for every 10 monthly tickets, and one chapter for every 1000 rewards (three chapters are capped every day, too much time)

Author: miven

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