Global upheaval

Title:Global upheaval

Author:Huai is a hanged ghost

Description:4.6 billion years ago, multiple planetary collisions gave birth to the earliest Earth. 4 billion to 2.5 billion years ago, the earliest life was born in this era 542 million years ago, the most mysterious Cambrian life explosion in the history of the earth, and the global biology began to evolve by light. 245 million years ago, dinosaurs were born and diedAnd dominate the world in a short time. It flourished for 180 million years, ending in an unknown global disaster. 4 million years ago, Australopithecus, as the first creature with human characteristics, was born in Africa. About 62 million years ago, Homo sapiens was born for the first time in the history of the earth. Homo sapiens began to move from Africa to AfricaOn December 2, 2016, the world’s grand exhibition was a shock! The virus explosion has brought human civilization to hell, and brought the global creatures to heaven. The world is once again in danger

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