Ghost world

Title:Ghost world

Author:Blue of butcher sea

Description:Is there really the tomb of the first emperor in Taipingyu of Qinling mountains? What is the secret of the inscriptions on the inscriptions of / /. Longtengx. Found in the tomb? What is the relationship between the inscriptions on the stone tablet of Yejiacun’s old house and the inscriptions on the gold tablet? Is the cause of Anlu mountain’s death really as history says? Tiangong Zhangjiao tombIs there a key technique of peace in Chinese medicine? Is Qin Hui the first treacherous minister in history? Why did he kill Yue Fei? The ghost of the Millennium reappears and tells an unusual story. “Taipingyu’s fright”, “secrets of Yejiacun”, “taipingyaoshu”, “eternal strange injustice” and searching for the ten unsolved mysteries of the past dynasties will reveal those mysteries for us one by oneThe secret of being known.

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