Ghost story of Yinshan

Title:Ghost story of Yinshan

Author:Qu Shen

Description:You need to know how to bind the dead in the middle of the night. What is a rumor and what is true. The Taoist of yin and Yang spread the magic method and saved the world. Expose the mystery, break the taboo, yin and Yang secret skills fight ghosts and gods. Ghosts and ghosts are everywhere, and the eight trigrams and nine palaces determine the universe. The paper man leads the way into the mountains, and there is no skeleton in Jiulong. Set iron coffin town evil, Millennium corpse nightmare Millennium soul. In order to save all living beings from danger, Ziyin fairy mountain crossed the world. Holding the eight trigrams mirror, ugly and beautiful, the heart is bright, the left hand draws Yin and Yang, the right hand breaks destiny! Risk for your brother and go through fire and water for your beauty! The city full of ghosts and ghosts, compose a legend of Yin Yang master! songGod readers: 41156175.

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