Ghost hunting master

Title:Ghost hunting master

Author:Yang Xiaoshao

Description:Since childhood unknown youth, walks out from the burial ground, kills the fierce ghost, catches the ghost, kills the evil spirit. The love and hatred in the world make him feel that ghosts are sometimes more affectionate than people. He opened his eyes to heaven, then opened his eyes to Yin and Yang, and then learned to deduce the secrets of heaven in an attempt to solve the mystery that had never been solved in the past thousand years. But the skin of the ancients andWhat is the soul lamp that causes this incredible and mysterious thing. Among the ten thousand ghosts, feng shui master, ghost hunting master, barbarian cup skill, red blood ghost boy, thousand year old demon corpse, Cannibal Corpse, gorgeous enchantress, four evil ghosts, eight evil spirits, Xiangxi corpse chaser, western countries, that man, all evil organizations. ://.There are thirty-six devil kings and seventy-two ghost kings in the vast world. If you dare to crush me, you will still be beaten

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