Ghost face lantern

Title:Ghost face lantern

Author:Fierce singing

Description:The living mechanism technique reappears in the world, the giant’s keepsake and the lantern with ghost face appear together, the mysterious Lishan mausoleum is actually an underground Arsenal, the blood cave of the corpse mountain where the treasure and blood battle are located on the Pamirs Plateau, the important town of the killing mechanism buried deep in the yellow sand of the vast sea, the mausoleum of the devil Kingdom on the Kunlun Mountain and the strange bloodthirsty wood armour, as well as the long lost Nanyang witchMagic can destroy the human body without any way. The mysterious island following the sun is actually integrated with the ancient beasts. Everything has a great connection with the giant’s Keepsake ghost face lantern. Liao Dongfeng and others are also infected with the curse disease. When life and death are at stake, the only way out is to decrypt the ghost face lantern. However, the ghost face lantern is no longer usedDare to touch, until the real living organ king appears. This book thanks for the ink star free novel cover support, Baidu search ink star cover is the first!

Author: miven

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