Ghost detective

Title:Ghost detective

Author:Li Leyi

Description:Life is like a play, and drama is like a mystery. It’s up to you to plan mysteries. I’ve got my spies. Now. Evil is rewarded, only good is the shore. You can carve a case in a case. I’m the one to turn the tide. Li Shijie: the hero, the organizer of the detective room, is a mysterious figure, who hasSometimes he is called a detective because he can do justice. Sometimes he is called a ghost because he has selfish guardianship. Liman: the heroine, from her point of view, the book’s memoirs, the main members of the detective room, have always wanted to uncover the mysterious veil of Li Shijie and the unreasonable entanglement of Li Shijie. Shangtian: protagonist, the main member of the detective room, computer experts, in the network world unimpeded, for many cases, made great contributions, but also love to eat, love to play, love poor mouth, pure live treasure.   

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