Get rid of the aliens

Title:Get rid of the aliens

Author:Talk about heroes after three years in seclusion

Description:In 2070, aliens had secretly controlled the earth for 20 years and divided the earth into 11 regions. Their purpose on earth was to train human beings as war weapons and reserve war resources for their interstellar wars. The protagonist is a Chinese teenager (Reggie) in zone 3. He was genetically modified by aliensBut because of a reactionary incident, Reggie was taken away, and he survived in a very small chance of survival. The man who took Reggie left him to be raised by a tramp. His superpowers were activated in an accident, and then opened his way to save the controlled earthHeroic journey. He overcame the difficulties one by one, found partners to defeat the seemingly invincible enemies together, and finally overthrew the alien control over human beings, and removed the alien from the world

Author: miven

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