Gene control in the end

Title:Gene control in the end

Author:Stone on the other side

Description:A black rain swept across the world, brought the doomsday crisis, and opened the door of biological evolution. Waking up in the hospital, Yang Qian weakly goes to the window and finds out in horror that the world is no longer what he remembers. When he struggles to escape from the hospital, he finds that he has just passed the first level, a crisis of life and death is unfoldingIt’s coming. In the misty mountain village, there are radiation beasts dormant in the desolate desert, and the strange virgin forest is full of murders. There are five stories of doomsday mushroom, dozens of towering trees, all kinds of mutant plants, ferocious forest creatures Survive or perish? Yang Qian in zombie, variationAnimals and mutated plants survive in the crevice, cut off all the crises ahead, and move step by step towards the road of the earth’s top God of war. Readers: 421170126.

Author: miven

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