Game of death

Title:Game of death

Author:Lazy cat peeking at books

Description:Inheriting Maoshan’s authentic Xuanqi Taoism, he can control the death of Vajra. The fire symbol of the Southern Ming Dynasty is burning and the water symbol of the Yuan Dynasty is swallowing the sky. Walking in the silent ghost mountain where life and death are oppressed, good and evil interweave, leaving life and death aside, burying the soul of endless tragic death. Wandering in the horror paradise of bloody killing, dancing with living corpses,Taste a piece of rotten meat with rotten maggots. Zombie Taoist priest, silent ghost hill, killing garden, Zhong Kui’s coming into the world… Walking through the cycle of terror, passing through the game of life and death again and again, is my head safe?!! In the Eiffel Tower under the high altar practice, Tianshi Daoli, call youTo participate in this game with life and death as a bet!!

Author: miven

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