Galaxy Heroes

Title:Galaxy Heroes

Author:The devil, the witch, the fairy, the demon and the ghost

Description:In the Galactic calendar year, the third plane war between the high elves and the golden Titans started in Andromeda. Just after conquering Orion, the scientific and technological civilization that went to Andromeda first came into contact with other intelligent life in the galaxy. In 33 years of the Galactic calendar, the Milky Way started by the high elves, golden Titans and human beingsThirty years have passed since the war for hegemony. In this year, the Zerg civilization, which lives on other races, has finally revealed its ferocious fangs. In the fifty-first year of the Galactic calendar, the high elves, the golden Titans, and human beings lost heavily in the war with the Zerg. The three groups had to unite to form the Galactic FederationSince then, the war of resistance lasted for 300 years. In May of 351, the Galactic Federation broke through the Zerg parent star, lasting for 300 years

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