Future writers

Title:Future writers

Author:Qionghua Xiyao

Description:In the future, hanyue has a literary system. In the system of whipping, hanyue will never return on the way to literary masters. But it is precisely because of it that hanyue’s life will be wonderful! There are no four famous works here; there is no Jin Yong’s “flying snow shooting white deer in the sky, laughing book hero relying on Biyuan”; there is no Qiong Yao’s penThese are enough to make me grow from a little transparent to a great God. But this black faced God is really confusing. He saved the original owner in an accident! Anyway, it’s not me who saved you. Why do you always follow me? I really need your soldiersTake a good look at their black faced general’s Rogue appearance! Although you are handsome and tall, you have solved some of my troubles secretly, but I will not

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