From the jungle to the sea of stars

Title:From the jungle to the sea of stars

Author:Rabbit’s dream

Description:This is a story of the growth of civilization. It’s just a coincidence that Luo Chuan and the “tree of civilization” crossed together. The tree of civilization feeds back the characters in history books in the way of soul fruit. Those who once wrote legends in 5ooo years resurrected in other ways. So the group was killedThe abandoned race bathed in the light of Chinese civilization. They had a fierce collision with the crystal technology of the world with natural science, and finally they stood in the east of the world. Here you will see that they worship the dragon totem. Here you will see that the giant tripod sacrifices the heaven and the four Yi dynasties You canI heard, “those who offend me in summer will be punished even though they are far away.” Here you can hear, “if you don’t make peace with your relatives, if you don’t accept food, the king will die and the country will be ruled by the emperor.” This is the only text

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