Freedom and revenge

Title:Freedom and revenge


Description:The following is the chronology of this story: in 2350 ad, due to human’s unbridled destruction of the environment, we finally came to a terrible era of crisis, with energy crisis, environmental crisis and disease crisis becoming more and more serious. In 2450, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish the Shenyuan super nuclear power station proposed by Dr. Li ZaishengPlan. In 2650, an asteroid hit the earth. The shift of the stable magnetic source results in the change of the global magnetic field. Humans and other ravaged species mutated in the chaotic magnetic field, and human genes began to recombine. In 3000, the deep blue space exploration department was established. Human beings began to colonize for the second timeIn 3265, the “ban” bill was passed, and human beings were expelled from the earth. 3533, dark blue

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