Fox spirit is as urgent as law

Title:Fox spirit is as urgent as law

Author:Four different phases

Description:Grassroots scholars go to their posts far away, and the charming fox leans in the night. Soul is a bosom friend, soul and flesh are three lives. Ghost Valley Yin and Yang has been passed on for thousands of years, and the wretched old man has profound skills. Ignorant lost into this road, bizarre, dream like true. Demons and monsters are obsessed with the truth, goblins and ghosts follow behind Oh, how can I get away? A piece of jade startles black and whiteThe two and eight talismans caused disputes all over the world. In a desperate situation, which mm will save me? Curse said: fox spirit as urgent as law and order!!! There are many real metaphysics in this book, such as Daoism, mantra, talisman, divination, Xiangshu, Fengshui and so on. Please don’t imitate them at will. Fox’s Nest: 64563353 346690046 new book “unorthodox” has been uploaded

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