Four young people in Beijing

Title:Four young people in Beijing


Description:He dominates both the political and business circles. She is just a powerful tabloid reporter. Behind his scenery, there is a complicated relationship of life experience. She pulled her teeth out of tiger’s mouth and secretly photographed him, exposing his intimate relationship with the actress. He punished her, wiped her clean and left a check: “I didn’t want to pay, butFor the sake of being a virgin… “She took it as if she had been bitten by a dog. But the nightmare did not end, she inadvertently became his revenge in the overall situation of a chip, he used her again and again, and then destroyed her everything. In the end, she was deprived of her self-esteem. When he held her in a pool of bloodFinally, I saw my heart clearly: “Shen Xiyan, why the hell do I love you so much?” Her smile is cruel: “Ling Ziqi, I will never love you…” Originally, love

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