Four generations of travelers

Title:Four generations of travelers

Author:Liu Sheng

Description:The change ten thousand years ago made the most beautiful women forget their original intention, and turned the harmonious home into a graveyard. People were divided and excluded layer by layer, waiting for all the mistakes to be punished. So she was “reborn in blood” in the fourth layer of the body. When she woke up, she found that everything had changed much more than she had expected. With her naive but stubborn and intelligent heart and absolute ability, she will clean up the derailment fate of these people. “Soul, ask someone when you wake up and you’ll understand.” Sister Sania’s words, she also recorded the deepest heart, gave her the biggest anger and the most cruel pain. She wants to questionHer sister and the world, why to let everything have the appearance of prosperity, why to let everything become the internal decline. … she was in Wannian

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