Four dimensional secret order

Title:Four dimensional secret order


Description:The new popular beauty queen went missing when she went out with the childe of 1162 chain stores all over the world. The appearance of the dating room was inexplicably wrapped in a mass of colors, which seemed to be “alive”! Chen Song, the only daughter of Chen’s Jinhua Group, was involved in this strange incident for no reason, except for one sentenceYou can’t get anything out of your “mantra.”. Angelie’s 18th birthday banquet, the reappearance of “Curse”, the high skilled woman in blue and the gorgeous diamond crown, all hide a huge secret. During his trip to South America, ancient sacrificial buildings and strange scientific geeks, Chen Song approached the truth step by step, but the truth was notIt’s If you think “four dimensional secret order” is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

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