Format the earth

Title:Format the earth

Author:Old Wang next door

Description:At the end of the world, there are no mass of zombies, only the endless mutant animals. They rush by and destroy one city and village after another. Mutated ants the size of hounds are comparable to mutated wild boars three stories high! Want to survive? thatTake up your weapons to fight, to hunt, to evolve! But! This is just the beginning. The disappearing civilization reappeared on the mainland. The bloody storm swept every corner, and no one could be spared! battle! Bloody! slaughter! The law of the jungle is on all the time! Remember, the law of the jungleFor the survival of the fittest, please put away your pity and cast your throne as king with the blood of the enemy. Communication group: 154-62-07-54

Author: miven

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