Flowers on the other side of the escapee

Title:Flowers on the other side of the escapee

Author:Chi Xiaoyou

Description:Everything is the last class organized tour after graduating from university. I, an ordinary person, lost my best brother and friend after this tour. And I became the escapee, because in this way, we became the sweet pastry in the eyes of ghosts, who like to see our horror expression. Like to treat me before we dieI was just a mortal. I fled to the famous degu temple. The abbot met me and told me that I was an escapee in the eyes of evil spirits. I had to take the initiative to survive. Since then, I have been searching for ghosts everywhere, from the foot of Changbai Mountain to the other side of hell, from ghosts and zombies to ancient templesGhost, I have experienced life and death, seen through all kinds of life, and understood life.

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