Flourishing fireworks

Title:Flourishing fireworks

Author:Night Phoenix

Description:”Miss, are you practicing suicide?” “No, I’m testing the monster’s patience.” “Are you really a warlock?” “Look, warlocks will, I will, they won’t, I will too.” “Yes, they won’t die as fast as you do.” She is the only queen in the imperial capital. mostBut it will disappear forever with the emperor. Leaving behind the battle of the golden age is a masterpiece. Entering the game again, she made all pharmacists lose their jobs under the name of Warlock. Who says that only the strong can dominate the world? This world does not belong to only one person. Love the country, love the family, love the young lady, fire, burglar and housekeeper. The new book housekeeper is very busy was uploaded,Rolling around for support~

Author: miven

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